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Dimitrij Blazeski embarks on Coerver Coaching Benfica Elite International Development Program experience


Dimitrij Blazeski of Coerver Coaching Stirling Bayswater (Perth) has arrived in Lisbon and made a fantastic start to the Coerver Coaching SL Benfica Elite International Development Program, scoring two goals in his side’s opening friendly match win.

Coerver Coaching Asia Pacific caught up with Dimitrij before he departed for the month-long fully immersive training experience to get an insight into his Coerver Coaching journey and his thoughts on the Coerver Coaching SL Benfica Elite International Development Program opportunity.

Name: Dimitrij Blazeski
Date of Birth: 30/08/2003
Program: Coerver Coaching Stirling Bayswater

Coerver Coaching (CC). Can you recall your first Coerver Coaching experience?
Dimitrij Blazeski (DB). My first Coerver experience was back in 2013, when I was only 10 years old. The first drill we did was toe taps and sole taps on the ball, to see how fast we could do so. My highest was 55 in 30 seconds, and I was told that over the course of many years, that amount will increase with ease.

CC. What is it about Coerver Coaching you enjoy the most?
DB. I enjoy the freedom Coerver gives individual players on the ball. With this freedom, I am motivated to try new and different ways to achieve a set task, which heavily influences my technical playing style during games.

CC. What is it that makes the Coerver program so unique?
DB. For me, the Coerver program is unique because of its ability to transform a player’s technical ability. Through different drills, skills and lots of repetition, my touch, dribbling, passing and vision have all improved over the past 5 years. I have now become a very technical player during games - always trying to use what I have been taught during the program.

CC. Has the Coerver program improved your game and made you a more creative and confident player?
DB. Certainly, it has. Coerver is what influences my technical playing style. I always try to take players on, 1v1, 2v2 etc. Due to Coerver, my confidence in taking on players has grown majorly, as my creativity is always growing, having been taught many skills over the years. My success in taking players on has also risen. Coerver has taught me to always work hard, both in success and failure, and if I do lose the ball, to always get it back. 

CC. Do you have a favourite Coerver Coaching ball mastery technique or move?
DB. My favourite move that I have learnt at Coerver is the step over. I especially enjoy using the step over in games, as it can shift a defender’s balance from both a dribble and standing still. The step over can be used in many skill variations. Coerver has taught me the key to the step over is the over-exaggeration when using it, while keeping the ball close to your body, and thats what makes it such an effective move. 

CC. How has Coerver Coaching prepared you for your current football pursuits?
DB. Coerver has prepared me very well for my current football pursuits as Coerver has improved my skills and taught me how to use the skills of the world’s best players. Coerver has made me faster on and off the ball and has grown my love for football.

CC. In April you will be travelling to Lisbon, Portugal to participate in the Coerver Coaching Benfica Elite International Development Program, how did that come about?
DB. Ive been participating in Coerver programs since 2013. Im very committed to my learning and I guess the coaches and staff saw an opportunity for me to learn further. Antony and Rob [Coerver Coaching Stirling Bayswater Directors] put the steps in place for me to be considered and I’m really grateful for the opportunity. 

CC. What are you most looking forward to about the Coerver Coaching Benfica Elite International Development Program?
DB. I am looking forward to the experience as a whole. I can’t wait to get to know new players and coaches from around the world and train with such great, technical players. This program will allow me to see the level of professional football worldwide, and it will be an indicator for how hard I need to work to achieve this level. 

CC. Have you had the opportunity to travel internationally for football before? 
DB. No, I have never previously had this opportunity to travel internationally for football, and I am so thankful and grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. 

CC. Have your Coerver Coaches given you any helpful words of advice in the lead-up to this exciting experience?
DB. They told me to enjoy the opportunity and experience. To focus on learning as much as I can from the coaches and players, and to recognise this was an opportunity I earned.

From all of us at Coerver Coaching we wish Dimitrij all the best for his time in the Coerver Coaching SL Benfica Elite International Development Program and look forward to following his journey throughout April. You can follow Dimitrij's journey via the Coerver Coaching Australia Facebook Page.